Mediacoach: an inclusive approach of Media Literacy

Ed Klute


Ed Klute (1951) is director of Mira Media since 1989. Mira Media, founded in 1987 by the national migrant organisations, is the Dutch National Centre of Expertise on Media and Diversity. Mira Media promotes the participation of immigrants in Dutch audiovisual, internet and print media. At present the improvement of the role of the media as a platform for intercultural dialogue and promotion of social cohesion is the main focus of the Mira Media activities. Ed Klute has initiated and co-ordinated (inter)national media projects focused on intercultural programming, media empowerment of ethnic minority and religious organisations, employment and training of ethnic media professionals and intercultural media education. Ed Klute is an advisor to the Council of Europe and the European Commission concerning Media and Diversity issues.

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Mediacoach: an inclusive approach of Media Literacy

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