Atelier 1 : Quelles sont les compétences en jeu dans ces productions ? (Paolo Parmeggiani)

Paolo Parmeggiani was born and lives in Udine - Italia.
He earned a Master’s Degree in “Art, Music, Cinema and Theater Discipline” at University of Bologna and a Master’s Degree in “Political Science” at University of Urbino, Italy.
From 1993 to 2001 he worked for the Language and Audiovisual Center of the University of Udine as responsible for production and postproduction of documentaries and CD-ROM developed in response to specific demands from various University Departments. He directed about 20 documentaries and 5 multimedia projects.
From 2001 he is an associate researcher in Sociology of Communication at the Department of Economy, Society and Territory (EST), Università di Udine . In this university he has taught and teaches courses of“Theory and technology of audiovisual languages”, “Theory, technology and language of television”, and “Visual sociology”.
His research interests range over visual sociology, the use of Computer Assisted Qualitative Data Analysis in the social research, and the semantics of new media. His current research interests concern the analysis of visual representations of postmodern society.

Last publications
Altin, R., & Parmeggiani, P. (2007). Incroci di sguardi. Analizzare la recezione dell’immagine con diversi approcci metodologici. In R. Altin & P. Parmeggiani (Eds.), Nuove frontiere della rappresentazione digitale (pp. 83-110). Milano: Lampi di stampa.
Parmeggiani, P. (2007). "Alas there are only sixteen of us left": social disintegration, identity transformation, and visual changes in a rural Italian village. In P. Faccioli & J. A. Gibbons (Eds.), Framing Globalization: Visual Perspectives (pp. 80-102). Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.
Parmeggiani, P. (2008). Video practice and vocational orienteering. International Journal of Instructional Media, 37(1).
Parmeggiani, P. (2008). Teaching different research methods through the use of video analysis software for media students: a case study. International Journal of Multiple Research Approaches, 2(1).

Mapping competencies at play in video productions
Knowledge, skills, and attitudes: which are the key factors for media literacy?
The focus of my presentation is on a tentative classification of audiovisual and digital literacy competencies. Analizing two case studies (about secondary school and University videos) and following some scholars’ theories I’ll discuss what are the competencies at play in these audiovisual productions. I will map the relations among different approaches and cultural paradigms, some core concepts and media education competenciens.

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