Atelier 3 : Quelle inscription dans l’espace public (local, régional, national ou européen) ? (Albas Ambros)

Albas Ambros -and-

The not-for-profit organisation AulaMédia for instance is responsible
for the so-called CampusMedia Workshops addressed to secondary school teenagers and specifically designed to help improve their production skills. The activities are organised in cooperation with local television stations in villages that are concerned with the importance of media literacy.

The society of information and knowledge we live in beats to the rhythm of mass media. AulaMèdia, a monthly free-access on-line Catalan magazine, advocates/stresses the importance of incorporating media literacy into schools. One of the websites run by AulaMèdia is EduCom, a venture based on Education and local TVs co-operation, which illustrates the advantages and many possibilities projects designed and developed by teenagers have when carried out in collaboration with nearby and local TVs. Out of the range of joint experiences accomplished, 3 types will be discussed, namely experiences planned to get close to and portray the medium; activities focusing on giving technical and pedagogical advice when editing, and thirdly, activities such as CampusMèdia, intended to include productions made by adolescents in local TV programming.

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