Thème 5 : Cerner ces productions : le difficile mapping

Rafaela Gracio
As a member of the European Youth Press and as the founder and president of the Youth Press Portugal, to participate in a seminar entitled "Media Production by young people and Media Literacy" is crucial. Trying to define its way in the society, Youth Press Portugal has developed some projects
with national institutions in order to capacitate young people to deal with media productions the best way. Aware that what is the best is always difficult to define, we believe that is urgent to recover the social responsability of the media, somehow lost in the era of speed and immediate profit, and give back to people the information as a living skill and not as a fast-consuming product. Therefore, we consider extremely important the involvment of young people in media productions. not only to create media but also brainstorming about how is media dealing with society in general.

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