A daily video news with a group of international yongsters

Silvio Montanaro, born in Rome in 1962. After his studies in philosophy (University of Rome, ph.d. in Epistemology), he started his work as a videomaker in 1986
During his activity he produced documentaries on art, sports, social emergencies, environment and corporations for television, national and international agencies, local institutions and private committments, some of which have being selected in documentary festivals.
Since 1996 he guides the Invideo Multimedia, a small society of video production.
In his careet Silvio Montanaro has worked for the main italian radio channel Rai radio 1, writing daily programs on Transport (1995-2000) and he writes about the same subject for the magazine TIR.
Silvio Montanaro is the art director of CineMadeInLazio film festival, which take place in Monterotondo, a town near Rome; he is also the co-director of ProvInCinema festival and organizes events and shows.
At the present he is working with the UN agency UNHCR for a documantary and he is organizing next film festival editions.

Silvio Montanaro has started his experience in media education in 1988, leading several projects with young people of all ages, from 7 to 25 y.o.
He has coordinated and conducted EU formation plans and has productions videos with many school children, winning prizes and festivals.
In all his media education work he is inspired by the idea that the main goal is to enable youth to express themescelves with the audiovisual language and all the didactic action is mainly finalized to give the basic competence of video language and technique, enabling a group of students to produce videos ineach aspects writing the script, shooting, editing.
In 2007 he produced a daily video news with a group of youngsters who come in Italy for an international cultural exchange.

In my presentation I will talk about my experience producing a daily video news with a group of international yongsters coming from Estonia, Sweden, Finland, Slovenia and Italy; the experience took place in Italy in 2007 during an international cultural Exchange.
The cultural Exchange was the final part of a project of peer education, named my generation, centered on the thematics of drugs and addiction; the Exchange previewed the use of different creative languages and means of expression to enable the young participants (from 16 to 21 y.o.) to communicate and reflect on the sobject of the Exchange.
Video was one of the media that was thought to be used during the Exchange, and for this it was developed the video-news project.
So, during the ten days of the international meeting a multinational group, each time different, produced a video news, often ignoring anything about journalism or video technique. In the two days of the Exchange in which all the partecipants had to prepere a synthesis of the ir experience through one of the creative form of expression available in the Camp (Web, radio, Music, theatre, painting) a group of beginners produced also a short video, inventing and writing a script, shooting in different locations and editing an entire story in 48 hours
In my presentation I will explain aims, methods, problems and results of this experience, At least I will express my opinion about the conditions that have made possible this experiment with particular interest on the capability of the new generations to manage the audio-visual language.

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