EUROMEDUC : a network linked to the evolution of the media…

The media are tools for accessing information, updating knowledge and participation of the citizens and one has to learn how to use them. The constant evolution of the media calls for the training to be reviewed constantly, failing which exclusion from the information society is inevitable. By widening the already constituted network around the European Charter for Media Literacy (, and by soliciting experts, trainers and learners, EUOMEDUC ensures a mutualisation of information and training tools as well as a transversal reflection on the issue. Thanks to the exchanges made possible by the seminars and by a communication platform, everyone has more elements at their disposal for developing know-how and attitudes required for an appropriate use of the media.

The citizen is no longer simply a media ‘consumer’. Henceforth, he is also an increasingly central and solicited actor and producer. While he has the technical tools required to produce information, he does not necessarily use them as an active and responsible citizen. This is where media education coincides with citizenship education. Producing a media is the perfect occasion for learning a fundamental element of the common European culture: the freedom of expression.

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