EUROMEDUC: … as an extension of the existing initiatives

Previous studies reveal crucial issues that however not many grassroots actors are aware of. By bringing together the key actors working in the field of media education, EUROMEDUC intends to create a synergy of thought on the implementation of this education, from primary school to the lifelong learning structures. The recommendations resulting from our seminars are aimed at the authorities, the grassroots actors and citizens. The Internet site gradually puts together the fruits of this work as and when they are produced and targets these various sections of audience.

EUROMEDUC shares the role played by the European Charter for Media Literacy, which brings together research organisations, institutions and centres as well as experts with a common European vision of media literacy. Furthermore, EUROMEDUC reinforces other European projects of research and applied research, which are co-funded by the E-learning and Safer Internet programs and which have produced useful results: Educaunet, EMECE, Log in the Media, Mediappro, Media-Educ, Allmedia, Mentor, etc. The coherence of these results must be established with a view to achieve a more efficient lifelong media education.

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