The objectives of EUROMEDUC

EUROMEDUC promotes lifelong media education in Europe.

  • By contributing to the development of the competencies required for education and lifelong learning.
  • By making it possible to build citizen attitudes and competencies, particularly in the perspective of European citizenship.

It is therefore necessary to improve the quality, coherence and relevance of projects and actions for media education in member states and at the European level.

The objectives

  • Set up a structured system of exchange and dissemination of the findings in the domain of media education. This system brings together, in a transversal manner, various actors of this domain: researchers, experts, education officials, representatives of associations, practitioners and media literacy specialists, both in and outside Europe. The project is conducted in close collaboration with the existing European network: EUROMEDIALITERACY
  • Sustain the existing networks by helping in circulating and evaluating the results of research programs, correct practices and tools developed.
  • Help small educational structures developing expertise at the grassroots level to participate in exchange networks. This allows a better European integration of these structures and makes it possible to benefit from their specific potential for innovation.
  • Initiate and develop more intensive, structured and transversal exchange and cooperation practices among all the actors concerned; make it possible for them to have an effective dialogue and elaborate a media literacy policy that is as close as possible to their specific needs and constraints.
  • Identify obstacles, opportunities and actions to be undertaken; on the basis of this, produce recommendations with educational, scientific and political implications.
  • Ensure that the results of this project are disseminated through transversal publication (online and off-line).

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