Media production by young people and media literacy

Paris, 30 June - 2 July 2008

Participants at the seminar will focus on the following issues through different media and national experiences:

1) What are the acquisitions favourable for the practices of media production by young people ?

  • Media analysis and critical awareness competencies
  • Media production competencies
  • ‘Professionalizing’ social competencies (Initiative, team work, project culture, expression, creativity etc.)
  • Art education
  • Citizenship Education
  • Recognition of the rules

2) What are the implications of media production by young people ?

  • Impact on local life (neighbourhood, educational institution, town…)
  • Implication for the democratic debate
  • Implication for European citizenship
  • Impact on cross-generational relations

3) How is it valorised and how does it impact the European public space as per the following ?

  • Productions
  • Contents
  • Actors
  • Status of the research on these questions

4) What kind of training and resources exist in Europe for enhancing media productions by young people ?

  • Which organisations or institutions ?
  • What fields, what audiences ?
  • What possibilities for training and support ?
  • What self-learning resources ?
  • What degree of generalisation ?

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