Three specialised European seminars

The cycle of seminars allows all the actors concerned in the partner countries of EUROMEDUC, and more generally throughout Europe, to participate in an exchange, comparison and evaluation work. At the methodological level, each seminar will be prepared and animated by a group of representative experts at the European level in close partnership with the existing structural networks in the sector (Euromedialiteracy and Mentor). Each group of experts will represent the different fields concerned: lifelong learning, initial training for teachers, research and media production.

Each seminar will start with a synthesis of the European studies and programmes related to the issue and will lead to the publication of a public report. They will each bring together a maximum of 40 participants selected for their expertise and their involvement in the issue concerned. A system of grant allows a small number of representatives of small structures or practitioners from other countries to participate in this work.

Three specialised European seminars
The seminars will take place from June 2008 to February 2009 and will focus on three themes:

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