Lifelong Media Learning: innovative practices outside school

Brussels: 17-19 november 2008

Since they affect people in daily life in many aspects (work, citizenship, culture…), the media require both knowledge and a critical distance that can be acquired only through learning. Getting adults to use rational media practices is often achieved through extracurricular structures (associations, city councils, lifelong educational structure, etc). Thus the trainers and educators of these structures have to be sensitised first and provided with tools to be used every day in their task of lifelong education.

The reflection relies on the work of experts who scout for initiatives related to different media (press, radio, television, internet, cinema…), such as databases, pedagogical studies, surveys about the actors and the contexts, synthesis of the general available data and innovative practices outside school.

The aim of the seminar is to reflect upon:

  • Identification of the organisations (ministries, local associations, schools, training centres, and universities), which are at the origin of the practices.
  • Constitution of the groups of learners and their motivation, the practices and their objectives, their organisation, identification of the methodologies, the learning tools.
  • Identification of the obstacles vs. conditions helping these practices.
  • Identification of European convergences and how to make them happen.
    The seminar will target individuals with respect to their professional life and their relation to culture and leisure activities, the citizens with respect to their relation to the media, and parents with respect to their educational role.

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