Faro seminar

Media Literacy and the Appropriation of Internet by Young People

Faro: 16-18 February 2009

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A group of experts on Internet media literacy – which is also a part of the Euromedialiteracy network – was set up in 2002 as part of the educational programme about Internet risks, EDUCAUNET, then the MEDIAPPRO research project pertaining to the appropriation of the internet and digital technologies by young people. The EUROMEDUC seminar relies not only on the perspectives opened up by this work and other projects under the ‘Safer Internet Plus’ programme, but also on the findings of the recently published national and European surveys to further the reflection on:

  • Expertise and recommendations for target audiences (educational system, youth workers, trainers, family, industry, public authorities)
  • Identification of the needs and elaboration of educational proposals: training programmes, tools, modalities of implementation… in and out of schools).

The objective consists in elaborating and disseminating the schedules of critical education about the Internet and digital medias for

  • Pupils, from an early age;
  • Educators with respect to their relationship to children (teachers, parents, social workers);
  • Adults within the framework of professional training and the exercise of their citizenship.

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