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The proceedings of the three EUROMEDUC seminars dedicated to Media Literacy that were held in July 2008 in Paris, November 2008 in Brussels and February 2009 in Faro are now available. Refresh your memory, or discover the issues that were addressed by the attending experts! The presentations given at the seminars are included either in full or as PowerPoint presentations. A large number of videos that were made of the proceedings are also available, documenting the debates that took place. The seminars also included workshops on specific questions relating to the general themes; some of the results that were reached in the course of these workshops are included in the proceedings, in the form of written reports or as captured on film.

Publication of the congress

A final publication, downloadable below, addresses the major themes at seminars and conferences.

Media literacy in Europe: controversies, challenges and perspectives

The site of the project is set up as part of the EUROMEDIALITERACY website. It allows for a mutualisation of the resources and the reflection related to the three seminars by associating the members of the network (around 800 persons and structures). A collaborative space will remain active beyond the duration of the contract.

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