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Média animation

Média Animation asbl is a media education resource centre and a lifelong learning centre for adults. It is recognised and subsidised by the Ministry of Education and Culture of the French-speaking Community in Belgium. The association has the vocation to develop responsible citizenship by cultivating the citizen’s critical faculty towards a mass communication society. Our association aims to actively support associative, social, educative or cultural institutions, projects and initiatives by implementing communication-related professional actions and services for citizen projects on developing critical command over communication tools and methods. Média Animation initiates and collaborates in several European projects. The association mainly targets adults, teachers, moderators, educators, social and cultural workers. It organises the required services and means necessary for realising its objective, in all the media, particularly through actions such as: research, information, sensitisation, training, publication and audio-script-visual and multimedia products.

Le Clemi

The CLEMI (Centre de Liaison de l’Enseignement et des Médias d’Information - centre for the liaison between teaching and news media) is a media education centre funded by the National Ministry of Education. It was created in 1983 as a department associated with the Centre national de documentation pédagogique (National Centre for Pedagogical documentation). Coordinating a network of 30 local teams, the national CLEMI team consists of 20 persons.
Its expertise relies on its already existing close relationship with the European Media Network, of which it is a founding member; on its knowledge of not only the French but also the European education systems and its capacity to conduct projects incorporating School partner structures (parent associations, educational associations, pedagogical movements); its competencies in training, research projects and production of pedagogical tools concerning media education; and finally, its knowledge of the media produced by young people (in and outside school, curricular and extra-curricular activities) formalised by the Bibliothèque nationale de France (National French Library) as part of an associated pole convention.


Zaffiria is a local public centre that came into being thanks to the collaboration of five municipalities (Bellaria Igea Marina, Santarcangelo, Verucchio, Poggio Berni, Torriana), and the province of Rimini. The centre is responsible for media literacy workshops in schools, from pre-school to secondary school, as well as training for parents and teachers. At the national level, Zaffiria organises the Italian conference on media education (Medi@tando) every two years in Bellaria Igea Marina (three publications) as well as seminars for experts and politicians. At the European level, Zaffiria has worked as a partner on two projects: Media Educ and Log In The Media and has collaborated on two other projects: Iperfigurine and Glocal Youth.

The University of the Algarve

The University of the Algrave was created in 1979. A few years later, it merged with the Faro Polytechnic. It consists of five faculties and four schools. The number of students has reached upto 10,000; there are 650 teachers as well as 455 non-teaching staff. The main areas of teaching and research are: Human and Social Sciences, Humanities, Heritage, Management, Tourism, Marine Sciences, Environment, Natural Sciences, Engineering, Technology, and Education. The University of the Algarve participates – and has participated – in numerous transnational projects and partnerships aimed at teachers, research studies at both the European and global levels.

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